Heron is a server-side framework that allows the creation of modules of your business logic without you having to deal with the underlying technology for setting up a server and its com-munication. Heron not only implements a host for your business logic, but also provides you with an extensive function library.

Different models for handling and integrating your business logic allow you to implement it in an optimised manner for the actual scenarios of your projects. You can use purely communica-tions elements, purely processing elements or a procedure that mixes processing and commu-nication. Of course the interfaces on both the client side and the data side are available in the library, pre-prepared in accordance with the latest knowledge and standards.

Heron is based on .NET and enables the configuration of various communications interfaces. For secure communication and appropriate protection of your data, Heron supports the following security features:

  • Encrypted data communication
  • Support for various security systems
  • Heron security system
    • Authentication with Active Directory
    • User-specific authentication
    • Roles/function authorisation
  • Code access security
  • Options for encrypted data storage

The modular structure of the server means a variety of applications can easily be integrated. The modules that we prepare help you with this and allow fast and smooth project implementation.